Womens Cashmere Winter Scarf - Pink

$65.00 USD

Wrap yourself in decadent softness and sumptuous warmth in this versatile 100% cashmere neck warmer scarf. An effortlessly elegant way to warm up your wardrobe.

This scarf is upcycled/repurposed from lush cashmere sweaters in shades of pink, which have been felted so the cashmere feels softer and more plush than ever before. It features a double-layer of felted cashmere for added warmth and a luxurious finish, with no exposed seams.

Size: 9" high by 28" around

Whether as a treat for yourself or for someone special in your life, cashmere makes a terrific gift! Find lots more of it here: http://www.effiehandmade.com/collections/cashmere-gifts

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