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Feelin' the love!

I have fantastic customers.  Over the past couple months they’ve been sending me some particularly terrific feedback and photos, so I just wanted to take a minute to gush a little bit! :)

Here's Jasmin in Singapore looking awesome with her custom yoga bag:

and Stephanie from NY showed off her new effie yoga bag on Instagram:

Lots of other customers post their lovely feedback on Etsy, like Cassie in NJ:

OK, just a few more...

  • “Quality design, fabric and stitching; and arrived beautifully wrapped with a lovely little note- this is why I love buying handmade!” – C.A., Australia
  • “The jewelry roll was amazing! So cute and the perfect size. My bridesmaids loved them. Thank you so much!” – S.T., NY, USA
  • “Color: fabulous. Durability and design: fabulous. Walking into yoga class with this bag strapped to my back: priceless.” – F.C., NY USA
  • “Love, love love, love them!” – E.C., Edmonton AB

Receiving reviews like these makes my day, and acts as great motivation when I'm working alone in my studio.  A big thank you to all of my fabulous customers who take the time to come back and let me know how much they love their purchases!

If you have an effie handmade item that you'd like to show off in its natural habitat, make sure you tag me (I'm @effiehandmade just about everywhere!) - I'd love to see it!

Four Easy Ways to Customize Jewelry Rolls for Your Bridesmaids

Searching for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids? Custom travel jewelry rolls are popular with brides and bridesmaids alike, and because they're handmade there are lots of ways to make them unique!

1) Custom selection.  Choose your favorites from the available options in my shop – either a different one for each of your girls, or multiples of the one you like best!

2) Customize the inside fabric. This recent set has one of my standard fabrics on the outside, but the bride wanted a special color for the interior. She sent me a photo of one of her wedding items so I could find fabric to match, and voila!  – a custom set just for her.

Since our individual ideas about color can vary, providing a photo or a link to something in the right shade can be a great place to start. I'll reply with a snapshot of some options, and you can confirm your selection. Sometimes there’s a bit of back-and-forth to get things just right, but it’s pretty quick & painless!

3) Variations on a theme. Choose a single print for the outside, then use each bridesmaid’s favorite color or even shades from your wedding flowers for the interior fabrics, so each jewelry roll is similar, but unique.

4) Additional options. Finally, if you're looking for something specific but don't see it in my shop, I’m more than happy to source custom fabric options locally or online.  Just as long as there’s enough lead time (5 weeks+) before the wedding!


Ready to get started? Click here to order a set, or email me to discuss your ideas!

Here's what some recent brides have said about their orders:

  • These were beautifully crafted and exactly what I was hoping for, thank you! - C.
  • Excellent service, order is perfect, I'm sure my bridesmaids will love them! - L.
  • The jewelry clutches were so cute! All my bridesmaids loved them! Thank you. - S.
  • My bridesmaids loved these! - C.

Click here to see sets of various sizes.