Will This Bag Make My Yoga Mat Look Big?

Are you looking for the perfect yoga bag to tote your mat to class?  Do you wonder if your yoga mat will fit in an effie handmade yoga mat bag?

I'm often asked “I have a __brand & style __ mat.  Will it fit in your yoga bags?”

My yoga mat bags are designed to fit most standard mats, but since there’s such a wide variety of mats on the market, a couple simple measurements will help you know for sure. Grab a tape measure or ruler, and determine 1) the width of your mat, and 2) its rolled diameter.

It’s that simple!  Mats up to 26" wide will fit comfortably and still allow plenty of room for the drawstring to close the bag at the top (in this photo the mat is pulled out a bit for illustration purposes).  

Is your mat larger than those dimensions?  Contact me about creating a custom yoga mat bag made to fit!